In St Augustine; Chiropractic Might Be “Alternate” Medicine; But, It Can Still Be Effective

by | Dec 12, 2014 | Chiropractic

Modern day chiropractic can trace its roots back to the end of the 19TH Century and the work of one Daniel David Palmer who effectively coined the word to cover providing certain cures by manipulating parts of the human anatomy – particularly joints in the spine and neck areas. The techniques faced opposition and controversy for quite some time; but, today, most people (including doctors of scientific medicine and, perhaps more importantly, many health insurance programs) accept chiropractic as a legitimate form of treatment.

But, A Chiropractor Still Isn’t A Doctor
To be a doctor means that one has studied and passed exams up to doctorate level – be it a doctor of divinity or a doctor of medicine or whatever, there are recognized colleges teaching the methods of chiropractic and those who successfully complete the programs to become chiropractors are licensed as primary health care doctors. Be it elsewhere; or, in a St Augustine Chiropractic practice; chiropractors have a different approach to their patients than that propounded by regular medical doctors. Medical science is very strong on treating the symptoms and relies heavily on intrusive practices like surgery and injection or ingestion of pharmaceuticals.

Chiropractic Tries To Find The True Source Of A Problem
A St Augustine Chiropractic clinic will endeavor to diagnose and locate the actual internal conditions that are causing ailment symptoms to be present in a patient. The chiropractor will then try to cure the cause rather than alleviate the resultant symptoms. Very often, the cause is an imbalance or blockage in the overall nervous system and this can be corrected or removed by manual manipulation of the causative area or joint; in this way, they do not resort to medications, injections, or surgery.

In addition to the basic mantra of – “cure the cause not the symptoms” – chiropractors also believe in a holistic approach to human wellness and they will incorporate other techniques into the services that they offer their patients. Medical massage; dietary advice and supplements; even elements of fitness training will be incorporated into their programs to ensure that body and mind are synchronized in the perfect harmony needed for a complete wellness lifestyle. By the way, should your condition require manipulation; most patients report it to be a completely painless; even relaxing, procedure.

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