The Advantages of Becoming a Recovery Coach

There are many worthwhile careers for a person to pursue. We are all individuals with unique visions for our lives. But if we can make a positive impact on the world, we can rest knowing that we have done well for ourselves. One particularly relevant and meaningful career is that of becoming a recovery coach: a career choice that you can pursue once you have obtained your recovery coaching certification. This career is exceptional because it often allows an individual to heal and improve alongside his or her clients. In addition, recovery coaches facilitate a person becoming their most full and realized self.

Recovery Coaching Allows A Person To Overcome Their Own Past

Of course, being a recovering addict is not a prerequisite for obtaining one’s recovery coaching certification. However many people are drawn to the profession because they have struggled with substance abuse themselves. While they have certainly overcome these struggles, their past is one that remains with them and defines them in important ways. When a person becomes a recovery coach, he or she becomes able to use what is a dark and depressing past to good ends. They can draw on their own experiences with addiction and use them as an example of growth and perseverance. Thus, one major advantage of becoming a recovery coach is that it affords people the opportunity to use their own dark past for wonderful ends.

Recovery Coaching Is Flexible

As professionals work towards their recovery coaching certification, they are often surprised to learn that recovery coaching is actually quite a flexible profession. Though it initially sounds as though it only permits of a certain kind of clientele, when you are a recovery coach you are able to work with a wide range of persons. Perhaps you would rather work with families, or maybe you want to work exclusively with recovering addicts themselves. Other recovery coaches enjoy giving presentations to large groups of people on substance abuse and the struggle to recover. Thus another major advantage of this profession is the flexibility that it affords.

Recovery Coaching Is Empowering

Perhaps the leading advantage of being a recovery coach is that it facilitates personal growth and empowerment. When you become able to give others the tools and resources to live their most full and empowered life, you can rest easy at night. After all, you have made a difference in the world. What better reward could there possibly be?

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