Have You Been Considering Botox in CT?

by | Jul 16, 2014 | Cosmetic Surgery

Most people are concerned with their appearance and want to look their very best. Unfortunately, the aging process is not always kind and can leave your face marred with lines and wrinkles. These most often occur around the eyes, over the forehead and around your smile. These lines can cause you to look older than you actually are and may make you feel self-conscious about your appearance. Fortunately, there is a treatment option that will allow you to treat these lines and wrinkles, without having to go under the knife for risky plastic surgery procedures. If you are interested in Botox in CT, this information will prepare you for what to expect.

Botox is a cosmetic solution that was developed from the botulism bacteria. Through studying this bacteria, it was found to suppress the signals sent to the nerves so the muscles did not contract. This bacteria was developed into a safe form that can be used to treat all types of lines and wrinkles. This treatment has also been known to help people who suffer with chronic migraine headaches.

Botox works by blocking the signals sent to the brain for your facial muscles to contract. When these muscles contract, your skin begins to furrow and wrinkle, making you look older. When Botox is injected in precise areas on your face, the furrows seem to melt away and your face takes on a much younger look.

Botox treatments will typically last for about six months, depending on the area that was treated. It is administered through injections that are sent into the muscle tissue. This treatment can be used on almost any area of your face.

This cosmetic treatment is safe for almost everyone, but you will need to consult with your doctor before you have the procedure carried out. After the treatment, you can immediately return to your regular routine, though you may experience some slight swelling or bruising. This will go away in a few days and reveal your new youthful look.

If you are interested in Botox in CT, Contact Martin Cosmetic Surgery. They will he happy to provide you with the best treatments, so you can feel more confident about your appearance.



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