Signs You Need Treatment for PTSD

by | Jul 17, 2014 | Health

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can start within a period of three months after some type of traumatic event; however, there are some cases where the symptoms do not appear until years later. The symptoms that are caused by PTSD can create a number of serious issues in both work and social situations, as well as relationships. In addition to seeking Treatment For Ptsd, you should also be aware of the common symptoms so you know it is time to seek help.

Symptoms of PTST can be grouped into four main types: changes in emotional reactions, negative changes in a person mood or thinking, avoidance and intrusive memories.

Emotional Reaction Changes
Emotional reaction changes, or arousal symptoms, which is what they are often referred to as, include:
* Being frightened or startled easily.
* Issues with sleeping.
* Concentration issues.
* Behavior that is considered self-destructive.
* Overwhelming feelings of shame or guilt.
* Always being in a sense of awareness for potential danger.
* Aggressive behavior, angry outbursts or irritability.

Negative Changes in Your Mood and Thinking
Some symptoms related to negative changes in your mood or behavior include:
* A difficulty in maintaining any close relationships.
* Memory issues.
* Feeling of hopelessness in regard to the future.
* No interest in activities that were once enjoyable.
* Feeling numb emotionally.
* The inability to experience any type of positive emotion.
* Negative feelings regarding other people or yourself.

The most common symptoms related to avoidance include:
* Avoiding any type of people or activity that brings back memories of the traumatic event.
* Avoiding talking or thinking about the event.

Intrusive Memories
Some of the most common intrusive memory related symptoms include:
* Any type of severe physical reactions or emotional distress related to reminders of the traumatic event.
* Dreams that are upsetting and related to the event.
* Having flashbacks or reliving the event.
* Unwanted or recurrent memories related to the event.

Without treatment, symptoms of PTSD will continue to intensify. Additionally, more and more symptoms can appear, which is why it is crucial that you seek help at the first sign of any type of symptom related to this disorder. The fact is that PTSD is most commonly related to individuals returning from war or combat situations; however, they can also be related to kidnappings, hostage situations, accidents and a number of other situations that are considered traumatic. When you seek help for these symptoms, you can begin to get your life back to normal.

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