What are Dbol steroids?

by | Jul 15, 2014 | Health

Every serious bodybuilder or weightlifter knows that different anabolic steroids have different positive effects on their body. When it comes to adding bulk to the body, Dbol steroids are most often the choice as they build strength, reduce fatigue during hard core workouts and increase muscle mass. Many bodybuilders are aware of its quick acting benefits and because of this, Dbol steroids are often used to kick-start a bulking cycle.

These steroids are the same as others; they all mimic the naturally occurring male hormone, testosterone. Testosterone as well as synthetic steroids increase protein synthesis which is the key to building the muscle cells and to the replenishment of glycogen. As a result, there is a dramatic and very noticeable increase in muscle mass as well as strength. These attributes are what serious weightlifters and bodybuilders are looking for as it happens quickly. It is one of the first steroids that those beginning in the sport use as they can see the effects quickly, usually with a matter of weeks from first use.

It must be understood that when taking steroids a well balanced diet and a full exercise routine is of utmost importance. It is not recommended and it would be considered highly irregular for an individual to completely rely on steroids for the desired effect. Body sculpting takes a discipline which includes diet and attention to exercise. Most body builders also take a regimen of protein supplements alongside the steroid, this helps even more in the development of muscle mass. Weight lifters use this combination of supplement and steroid to produce unprecedented muscle growth.

Because Dbol steroids are fast acting, they also have a tendency to have a shot lasting effect. As a result, many users stack this steroid with others that have a longer lasting effect. The normal cycle with a stack is six to ten weeks long, the cycle starts slowly, peaks for a few weeks and then tapers off slowly. Once the cycle is over the additional testosterone delivered by the other steroid helps the body to continue growing until it is time for the next cycle.

There is reason to believe that continued use of steroids can lead to uncomfortable side effects, this is one valid reason for stacking; it allows the athlete to break away for a period of time with no negative effect to his routine and progress.

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