6 Factors When You Undergo a Nose Job

There are plenty of factors you’ll need to consider before you get a nose job. Read on to know.


Why are you going through the procedure? Do you want it purely for cosmetic reasons? Or do you need it to correct breathing problems you may have? Think about your reasons before you go any further, the WebMD says.


If you do decide to go ahead with the procedure, the first order of business is to look for the right surgeon to carry out the rhinoplasty surgery in Chicago IL. Choose someone who’s going to use a skilled and seasoned approach to your case. Engaging the services of a competent doctor means lower chances of side-effects and risks occurring.


What type of rhinoplasty surgery in Chicago IL is right for you? This is also where an experienced surgeon can help you. S/he can show you how certain changes to your nose will affect your overall appearance. That should prove helpful in deciding the nose job you want.


If you have expectations or you want to look a certain way, a good surgeon will evaluate the structure of your nose about the rest of your facial features and tell you if those changes are possible and realistic.

Time commitment

The recovery may take longer than a week, though. Don’t resume normal activities until you get the signal from your doctor. Refrain from any strenuous activities, including exercises.

Pain in recovery

Like any other type of surgery, expect a bit of pain and discomfort after the procedure. That may last for up to a week after the nose job. Nasal congestion may also happen, along with bruising around your nose and eyes but these should disappear within a week or two. If you’re in pain, get a prescription from your surgeon for painkillers and follow the instructions.

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