How to Identify a Painkiller (Opiate) Addicted Person?

by | Feb 5, 2019 | Health

How can you tell if someone is addicted to painkillers? Is this even possible? If so, how does one do it?

It is possible to identify if a person is addicted to Opiates. The best way is to obtain a urine drug test and to check for the presence of Opiates in the urine. Since there are different kinds of Opiates, it is important to know, that there is not one single test, which detects all Opiates.

For example, most drug tests test for Opiates, but that does not include certain other, more synthetic Opiates. Oxycodone (like in Percocet), Buprenorphine (like in Suboxone) and Methadone; these drugs are technically Opiates but they do not show up on a standard Opiate test.

It is not uncommon for a drug user to try and “cheat” a drug test. One way to do so is to dilute the urine with water. The best way to prevent such cheating is to observe the person obtain the urine sample.

If a person is not using drugs and wants to prove it, why would he or she not submit to urine drug testing? There are tests available over-the-counter, or a person could be tested at a lab or at a doctor’s office.

It is important to decide before testing, what you will do if the test is positive!

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