Why You Should Opt To See Back Specialist in Conroe TX Instead Of Turning to Surgery

by | Aug 25, 2014 | Chiropractic

For many back pain sufferers, the thought of having surgery can be worrisome. Not only can back surgery be expensive, but there’s no guarantee that it will take care of the problem. Faced with the options of a lifetime of medication or having a surgical procedure performed, many patients are turning to natural alternatives like spinal decompression in order to help them gain relief. Spinal decompression works to move spinal discs back into alignment so that your body works properly and you experience long-term pain relief. For those who are consider their options for getting rid of back pain, here are several reasons why spinal decompression could be a viable option:

As you already know, surgery can be a risky ordeal. Not only will you have to bear the risks that come with the required anesthesia, but you could also be opening yourself up to infections and problems with the hardware that the surgeon places in your body. One of the biggest benefits of spinal decompression is that it is non-invasive. For some patients, it can provide the same relief without having to undergo surgery.

Having back surgery also requires a lot of downtime after the procedure, during which you may also have to take pain medication. If you can’t afford to miss work or you would simply like to look into a more convenient option, you should know that spinal decompression treatments performed by a Back Specialist in Conroe TX require no downtime, which means you can get back to your daily routine quickly.

While back surgery can provide pain relief, some patients find that they need multiple procedures before the pain goes away. Even then, there is no guarantee that the surgery will work for them. Because spinal decompression involves helping the discs in your spine move back into their proper place, many patients report that they experience lasting relief from the treatment they get.

If you’re living with excruciating back pain, it’s important to know that you have options. Seeing a back specialist in Conroe TX for spinal decompression can help you stay off of the surgery table and find lasting relief with a more natural solution. Get in touch with the experts at Willis Spine And Rehabilitation Center to find out how a spinal decompression treatment plan may be able to help you feel better to that you can finally get back to living your best life.



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