Experience Severe Mouth Pain? Call Your Emergency Dentist in Lawnside

No one wants to deal with severe tooth pain. If you are suffering from severe tooth pain, you need to call up an Emergency Dentist in Lawnside right away. You may be suffering from nerve damage. Never damage can be extremely painful and needs to be addressed right away.

Nerve damaged is caused when you have either a cracked tooth or a deep cavity that bacteria has entered into. The bacteria takes advantage of your damaged tooth and goes through your tooth all the way down to your pulp tissue. Once it has settled in, the bacteria causes an infection to develop within and around your tooth. If you write it off as just simple tooth pain and do not get treatment right away, the problem can get worse.

Over time, an abscess may form. The tissue around your tooth will swell and it will hurt to touch the tissue. This can cause damage to your jawbone. It can also be damaging to your overall health. If you feel extreme pain inside of your mouth, contact your local emergency dentist in Lawnside. They will be able to treat your pain today.

When you experience this level and type of pain, you need a root canal. First, the infected tissue around your tooth will be removed. After the infected tissue has been removed, then the interior of the tooth will be cleaned out of all bacteria and sealed off. If your tooth is severely damaged, it may need to be removed altogether.

Once this is done, your pain should subside. However, you will need to schedule a follow up visit in order to be fitted with a crown. This is a simple Cosmetic Dentistry procedure. A crown will cover the top of your tooth. It will strengthen your tooth and prevent it from breaking or becoming infected again.

If you are experiencing severe tooth pain, call up your Emergency Dentist in Lawnside right away. You may be suffering from nerve damage and you may need to undergo an emergency root canal. An emergency root canal will allow the dentist to remove the damage and ease your suffering.

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