Common Reasons for Teeth Sensitivity

Any dentist in St. Augustine FL will tell you there are a few common issues that may be causing your teeth sensitivity. Although the word sensitive sounds a little gentle you may be suffering quite a bit from sensitive teeth which can cause sharp pain due to exposure to hot or cold as well as acidic or sweet foods and drinks. It can be more than inconvenient to have to live with this discomfort day in and day out especially knowing there are a few things you can do to avoid it. Here is a look at the causes as well as some ideas to help avoid the discomfort of sensitive teeth.

Receding Gum Line and Gum Disease

When your dentin is exposed it will result in tooth sensitivity and there are a number of reasons this can take place. As you age it is not uncommon to have receding gums. You can also have receding gum lines if you tend to brush very aggressively or use an improper technique. When it comes to aging there isn’t much that can be done. However you can Speak To Your Dentist In St. Augustine FL to make sure you are not making things worse by the way you brush. You can also purchase a soft bristle brush or better yet an electric toothbrush which will apply the proper pressure and do the work for you. Proper dental care and brushing technique will also help you avoid gum disease which can cause not only sensitivity but pain.

Too Much Brushing

Yes you heard correctly. It is possible to brush too frequently. This can remove the enamel that is there to help protect your teeth. It is important to follow the recommended daily brushing of just two times a day to avoid exposing the sensitive dentin below the enamel. Again, twice daily with the proper brushing technique will help keep your teeth healthy and well protected.

As you can see proper dental care does play a role in sensitivity issues. Regular dental appointments can help provide the care and instruction you need to avoid tooth sensitivity and learn how to brush your teeth properly. As well you can speak to your dentist about the best products to use to help keep your enamel intact and to help lessen the discomfort of sensitive teeth.


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