Benefits of Neurofeedback EEG Biofeedback Therapy in New Haven

by | Jun 17, 2020 | Psychologist

Neurofeedback is one type of biofeedback therapy that has been growing in popularity across the US in recent years. It utilizes electroencephalography to measure brainwave activity in different areas of the brain, offering patients suffering from a diverse array of conditions the help they need to train their brains to function more appropriately. Read on to find out about a few of the benefits of Neurofeedback Therapy New Haven patients can expect to experience after beginning their sessions.

Reduce Anxiety

Neurofeedback helps patients increase their awareness of how their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors interact with each other. It is frequently used to treat patients suffering from anxiety in conjunction with other treatment modalities such as cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness training. Tracking symptoms using neurofeedback allows patients to get a better idea of what patterns their anxieties are exhibiting and how they can put a stop to this cycle.

Address Sleep Issues

EEG feedback can be used to control many of the symptoms of hyperarousal, which is common among patients suffering from insomnia, ADHD, and PTSD. One 2011 study showed that patients who underwent 20 15-minute neurofeedback sessions reported lower levels of nighttime hyperarousal and daytime sleepiness. Given the importance of getting a good night’s sleep to maintaining mental clarity and physical health, it should go without saying that this can lead to significant improvements in patients’ lives.

Lowers Pain

With Neurofeedback Therapy in New Haven patients who struggle with chronic pain can find the non-pharmacological relief they need to manage the symptoms of their conditions. Evidence shows that it takes about 40 training sessions to achieve maximum pain reduction benefits, but these same studies have also shown that patients who have undergone the full round of treatments experience up to 50 percent less pain depending on their underlying conditions.

Learn More Today

When looking into neurofeedback technologies, readers should note that it is essential to find a trained and experienced practitioner. Center for NeuroPotential offers neurofeedback EEG therapy for patients suffering from ADHD, PTSD, addiction, chronic pain, stress and anxiety, sleep problems, and a variety of other conditions.

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