Are You a Good Candidate for the Less Invasive Partial Facelift?

A partial facelift allows you to minimize the signs of facial aging without a full facelift which requires more invasive surgery. Sometimes called a mini facelift, it treats the middle face. Learn who makes a good candidate for a partial lift.

You Have Minimal Signs of Aging

The ideal candidate doesn’t have many aging issues to address. For example, you have moderate jaw sagging and want to tighten and lift the area. Excessive signs of aging, such as banding of the neck muscles, may need to be addressed by a full facelift. Since this procedure is only for the mid-face, wrinkles could still develop around the eye and forehead area.

You Prefer a Speedier Recovery

A full facelift requires several weeks of recovery since it reworks the whole face. You also have to undergo general anesthesia in a medical facility that requires overnight stays. The partial lift commonly uses local anesthesia, so you can leave shortly after the procedure. You can return to your daily routine the next day.

You Are in Good Health

A partial lift candidate should be in good overall health with no conditions that may slow healing. Smokers may be asked to stop smoking a few weeks in advance. Having a health condition does not always prevent you from getting the procedure, but you should inform your doctor at the consultation to prevent complications.

Partial facelifts are a less risky alternative to facelifts. The initial consultation with MINT PDO Thread will determine if you make a good candidate.

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