The Importance of Regular Dental Checkups: Accessing a Dentist in Easton

A healthy smile can be a major contributor to your self-confidence. You probably think that you can get away with skipping a few dentist appointments, but this is a false assumption, since regular visits to a dentist will not only ensure that you get knowledge on preventive care for your teeth, they will also ensure that any diseases in the in the oral cavity are detected and treated early. Below are some of the problems that may be prevented or reverted through regular checkups by a dentist in Easton.

Gum disease

Gum disease most often takes the form of periodontitis, which is caused by a buildup of naturally produced plaque and calculus that embeds underneath the gum tissues. If not removed, this produces enzymes that gradually eat away bones. The main symptoms of this disease include receding gums, painful gums and unusual tooth sensitivity.

It also takes the form of gingivitis that is normally manifested by inflammation of the gums, bleeding while brushing and persistent bad breath. This disease is caused by bacteria that collect along the gum line.

Gum disease can be detected and reversed through regular checkups, since the dentist is able to compare the condition of your gum tissues over time.

Oral cancer

Oral cancer is the abnormal growth of cells in the oral cavity. This condition is highly curable with early diagnosis. Visiting your dentist for Dental Cleaning In Easton will almost always ensure early detection of this condition since screening is done during cleaning.

Tooth Decay

This is normally characterized by tooth sensitivity, irregular edges in the teeth, yellowed teeth or dents on teeth surfaces. Regular visits to your dentist will ensure that you get the necessary advice on the kind of food to avoid, protecting your teeth against acid erosion, while getting treatment for disorders such as bulimia that may aggravate the situation by bringing acid to the mouth.

It is particularly important for young children to visit a dentist to prevent the formation of cavities. Tooth infection may affect the development adult teeth, putting the child at the risk of having lifelong dental problems.

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