About Chiropractic Care in Topeka KS and Its Benefits

In records dating from between 2700B.C. and 1500 B.C., the Chinese and Greeks described manual manipulations to ease lower back pain. While realizing lower back pain has been a problem since history’s beginnings is disconcerting, the discoveries reveal the basis for chiropractic manipulations.

An individual’s first contact with a chiropractor is usually after they develop back pain or whiplash. While a medical doctor may have prescribed pain medication and muscle relaxants, the patient still feels as if their joints or spine has shifted. They seek out chiropractors to realign some portion of their skeleton.

Chiropractic medicine seeks to stimulate an individual’s inherent healing capacity instead of using medications and surgery. Chiropractic principles see the nervous system as the center of all body functions, immune response included. Chiropractic adjustments realign the body’s structure allowing the nervous system to function better. The nervous system is then more able to affect healing.

Some states require only 90 hours of undergraduate coursework before and individual enters chiropractic college, but many chiropractors complete a Bachelor’s degree before seeking entrance into a chiropractic college. Chiropractic college lasts 4 years before licensing examinations. Courses include chiropractic biophysics, chiropractic techniques and spinal biomechanics. Successful candidates also participate in an internship program under a licensed chiropractor’s supervision.

Once the internship ends and the prospective chiropractor passes licensing exams, the chiropractor can choose a specialty.

Chiropractic treatments can span several weeks, with 3 x a week, 2 x a week, then 1 x a week scheduling. As your condition stabilizes, the doctor may ask that you return for treatments less often. Once you are completely stable, the doctor may have you return once a month for maintenance manipulations.

Traditionally, chiropractic adjustments treat:

     *     Back Pain

     *    Pinched Nerves

     *    Carpal Tunnel

     *    Tingling, Numbness and Weakness

     *    Headaches

     *    Neck Pain

Chiropractic adjustments can control pain, but chiropractors cannot prescribe medications. Consequently, some chiropractic offices, like the Center For Manual Medicine, also have a medical doctor on staff providing cortisone, hyaluronic acid and prolotherapy injections, and writing prescriptions.

If you are allergic to many pain medications or want to limit your body’s exposure to artificial substances, chiropractic Topeka KS might be the answer to many of your physical complaints. It can also help you create healthier home and work environments if overall wellness is your ultimate goal. Click here for more details.



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