Save Time and Money By Going to an Emergency Clinic

Life is unpredictable and an accident, injury or illness can sometimes take you by surprise. Although trusted, your doctor might not be available at the drop of a dime. Maybe you need medical care after business hours, or maybe you’re not anywhere near your doctor’s office. This is where an emergency clinic, such as Midwest Express Clinic, can be essential.

When Go to Urgent Care

Emergency Clinics, such as Midwest Express, are ideal when you need immediate medical care. Your own doctor might only be available by appointment, and there might be certain times or certain days when he’s not available. Urgent care facilities generally open early in the morning and stay open longer than a doctor’s office does. Midwest Express, for instance, is open seven days a week and accepts walk-ins; appointments are not a requirement to be seen or to receive medical care.

Why Go to Urgent Care

There are many conditions that can be treated ranging from physical illnesses, infections, rashes, and allergies to burns, contusions, fractures, and sprains and strains. Lab works, diagnostics, EKGs and X-rays are all available in an emergency clinic. Midwest Express Clinics even provide comprehensive pain management services for various conditions, such as tension headaches, arthritis, post-operative pain, and back and joint pain. Immunizations for TB, tetanus, and seasonal pneumonia and flu, are also available to patients.

Another main reason to visit an urgent care instead of your doctor’s office or the emergency room, is because it’s generally more affordable. Copays are lower than that of the emergency room, and all charges are paid up front for the service that you require. You won’t get any unexpected additional bills in the mail. Many insurance plans are accepted, and even in the absence of insurance, or if you have a high deductable, there are low self-pay options that you can take advantage of.

Where Go to Urgent Care

Aside from the convenient hours, urgent care facilities are available in different locations. Midwest Express facilities are available in the Willowbrook, Illinois and Schererville, Indiana areas. Each facility employs multiple doctors, and wait times are generally shorter than the emergency room.





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