When It Comes to Skin Care, You Want Experts Who Put You First. Find One in Chicago Today

by | Mar 29, 2018 | Health

Many people agree that having healthy, glowing skin is a great confidence booster and that when your skin is happy, you are happy. This is why it is important to take care of your skin. Skin care specialists know how important a clear, unblemished complexion can be to most people, so wellness and spa centers in the Chicago area offer a variety of skin treatments and different facial techniques. This way, you can give yourself and your skin the pampering you deserve.

Reviving Facial

A 60-minute facial aimed at improving the circulation of your skin, this facial uses a gentle cleanser and stimulation oils to exfoliate your skin and improve its natural tone.

Hydrating Facial

This skin care treatment is recommended for a dry and mature skin. Starting with a massage to stimulate circulation, this facial then uses a trans-dermal mask with antioxidants to improve its youthful look and restore your skin’s natural elasticity.

Collagen Facial

Collagen facials are suited to all skin types and aim to reduce the appearance of acne and blackheads, dehydration, unnatural pigmentation and signs of aging.

Deep Pore Facial

A 60- to 90-minute treatment, deep pore facials remove top layers of dead skin and address areas of oil build up. A clay mud mask is used to fully clear the pores and is followed by a buffing technique that gently exfoliates to remove any other build up.

Back Treatments

Skin care isn’t just for your face. Sometimes oil and dirt can build up in the skin covering other areas of the body, in particular, the back, and deep pore treatments are the perfect solution. Allow a highly-trained skincare professional to dry wash, cleanse and massage those hard-to-reach areas, which naturally improves your circulation. This is followed by a clay mask and refining treatment to completely clear away any build up.

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