What Pain Doctors Can Do to Provide Relief to Chronic Pain Sufferers

People who suffer from chronic pain often experience relief after visiting one of the local pain doctors in Jacksonville. These specialists are experienced in treating different types of pain that are caused by injuries, aging or certain medical conditions. Here are some of the main things that pain doctors can often do for chronic pain sufferers.

Elbow Pain Treatment

Pain in the elbow that’s caused by tendonitis, a previous bone break or another condition can often be alleviated by a qualified pain doctor. Physical therapy is often used to relieve pain. The doctor may also prescribe a brace or splint to wear temporarily.

Foot and Ankle Pain Treatment

Ill-fitting shoes, stress fractures and body misalignments can all lead to chronic foot and ankle pain that’s often treatable with physical therapy and other pain-relief techniques. Arthritis is another known cause of pain in the lower extremities, and medications may be prescribed to lessen symptoms.

Neck Pain Treatment

Degenerated or herniated spinal discs often cause chronic neck pain that a pain specialist can address. Pain doctors sometimes inject certain steroids into the affected areas to help patients ease their discomfort while attempting to restore some mobility that might have been lost. Whiplash from an auto accident or another traumatic injury is another known factor of chronic neck pain, and a personalized treatment plan that includes physical therapy or medications may be devised to try to bring patients the best results.

Seeing one of the pain doctors in Jacksonville or another local city can help chronic pain sufferers live better lives. These specialists can try a variety of techniques to bring each patient long-lasting relief.

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