What Do You Know About Getting Family Care Services in Palm Coast, FL

Family Care Services in Palm Coast, FL

Do you need help with family care services in Palm Coast, FL?

This facility has the infrastructure to support a wide variety of services. Physical therapy can be used to target range of motion or gait training. Patients who want to train on it can strengthen just about anything. A physical therapist can assist with continence management, balance training, and endurance.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists provide support training tasks required for daily living. They can help with grooming, dressing, hygiene, and low vision. If you require help using a piece of adaptive equipment, they can assist you. Edema management and low vision are also issues they can help with.

Speech Therapy

Sometimes, conditions can make it difficult to speak like usual, and a counselor may be needed. A speech counselor can help you overcome swallowing, communication, and memory difficulties. If you are having a hard time following directions, a speech counselor may be of assistance.

Massage Therapy

A specialist can manipulate the body, delivering relief for pain and injuries. Using pressure and movement, they can unlock the range of motion and pain centers. Manipulating the body’s soft tissues can lead to anxiety and pain reduction.

Pet Therapy

A friendly pet can be brought in to sit with you, and you can play with him. This interaction can reduce your blood pressure and improve cardiovascular health. Seeing a pet can elicit endorphin release, which has other health benefits. This action can create a calming effect, alleviating pain and reducing stress.

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