What Can You Expect From a Colonoscopy Doctor in Jacksonville?

A colonoscopy is something most people deeply dread, but it is a necessary step in ensuring a person’s colon is healthy and free of any diseases, such as cancer. This test allows the doctor to fully examine the inside of the colon and even perform a biopsy, should any growths or tumors be found. When it comes time for a person to have a colonoscopy, it is important they know what to expect from the colonoscopy doctor in Jacksonville.

The preparation for a colonoscopy is typically the most dreaded of the entire testing procedure. A person will need to avoid eating after the specified period so their colon can be completely empty during the procedure. They will also be required to take a special laxative that will help them to fully empty their stomach, intestines, and colon so no food debris is left behind which can impede the doctor being able to properly examine the colon.

Unfortunately, this preparation can sometimes make a person feel a little weak and even nauseated. The doctor will help a person prepare for the process to ensure they know what to do if any adverse reactions occur. The Colonoscopy Doctor in Jacksonville may prescribe medications to make the process less stressful for those who have certain medical conditions.

On the day of the colonoscopy, the person will be given anesthesia to ensure they feel no discomfort during the test. Once they are under, the doctor will use a flexible scope and camera to look inside the entire colon to make sure it is healthy and free of any disease or growths. During the test, tissue can be removed so it can be biopsied to rule out serious disease.

If you are in need of a colonoscopy doctor, schedule an appointment. A colonoscopy should be performed once a year for those who are over the age of fifty and at younger ages for those who are at a higher risk for colon cancer due to their family’s medical history. Contact Digestive Disease Consultant today to call the doctor right away to schedule your test so you can protect your health.

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