Ultherapy Neck Lift in Los Angeles CA Is A Great Option For Neck Tightening

Patients know elasticity is the key to younger looking skin. However, as they age, they lose this aspect due to a reduction of collagen production. To minimize the aging process, they turn to procedures that promote production and provide lasting results.

How Could Ultherapy Help?

This ever-popular skin treatment delivers ultrasound pulses deep into the skin. The pulses work to lift the skin by increasing collagen production. This provides results that include tighter and younger-looking skin.

The procedure targets the many different layers of the dermis to generate results. It reaches further into the skin than other treatments. This includes chemical peels and options such as micro-needling procedures. The ultrasound waves reach these layers without pulling away any surrounding tissue.

Reducing Probable Risks

The procedure isn’t a surgery and won’t affect patients in the same manner. It’s non-invasive. It promotes healthy and youthful looking skin without potential damage. It’s a brilliant option for Ultherapy Neck Lift in Los Angeles CA without serious risks. Patients also receive the treatments on their face and chest to increase the beneficial results.

What Can Patients Expect?

Ultherapy has promoted rapid collagen growth for several patients. They have reported a twenty-three percent increase in production after the treatment. The collagen production is targeted within the treated area. New patients could expect a thirty percent increase in type I collagen and Type II production could increase as much as sixty-eight percent.

The skin is thicker and more plumb. This allows for the elimination of wrinkles and fine lines. Sagging skin decreases drastically in the treated areas. Patients will also see an increase in elasticity of the skin.

How Often Should Patients Receive Treatments?

A cosmetic surgeon makes recommendations on a patient to patient basis. However, most would recommend treatments at least once a year for older patients. Younger patients should get a treatment once every two years.

Ultherapy is an exceptional opportunity for Ultherapy Neck Lift in Los Angeles CA. The cosmetic treatment is performed as an outpatient procedure. It produces minimal side effects, if any. Contact DSC Laser & Skin Care Center to schedule a consultation or to find out more information about Ultherapy by giving us a call today!

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