The Benefits of Undergoing a Fertility Test in San Francisco, CA

by | Nov 24, 2021 | Healthcare

When you are trying for a baby, you may wonder why you are having no luck in getting pregnant. You do not know what, if any, kind of physical issue that you have with your reproductive system. You also may not know if you are simply not timing your attempts correctly.

Instead of wasting month after month trying to get pregnant, you can undergo a professional exam that will reveal to you what your challenges might be. You can benefit from getting a professional and medical fertility test in San Francisco, CA.

Learning about Your Ovulation

One of the key details that this test can reveal to you involves whether or not you are ovulating. You may not ovulate at all. You also might only ovulate a few times per year or not on a regular monthly schedule.

When you know what issues that you have with ovulation, you can then determine if you need further assistance, such as in vitro fertilization, to get pregnant. You may also need to take ovulation tests to find out when you are at your most fertile during the month.

This exam can also reveal if the challenge lies with you or your spouse. You can then decide if you need to use an egg donor, opt for adoption or use another method to get pregnant.

Find out more about what a fertility test in San Francisco, CA, can offer to you online. Contact Laurel Fertility Care.

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