Residential Facilities for Chemical Dependency Treatment, Visit in Minneapolis

Comprehensive mental health and addiction services offer a wide range of facilities to ensure every client has every chance of success in their recovery. For some, outpatient treatment might be the best option, as these involve morning or evening group sessions as well as individual and family therapy but allow for the client to return home to a familiar environment each day. A different approach involves making use of residential facilities, where men and women receive treatment in specialist centers on-site. These aim to provide a physically and emotionally safe space for which clients can begin their journey of recovery.

Residential Facilities for Men

Trauma-informed substance abuse treatment centers in Minneapolis recognize that very often mental illness and chemical dependency go hand-in-hand. For this reason, all recovery programs take into account each client’s individual history and are customized to suit their individual needs. All programming is abstinence-based, which is why for some residential treatment can be preferable. On-site facilities provide an intimate environment in which specialists in the field of addiction and mental health can administer intensive and comprehensive treatment services. They are staffed around the clock and each resident has access to personal care and attention 24/7.

Residential Facilities for Women

Gender-responsive and trauma-informed approaches to care for substance abuse and chemical dependency mean that residential facilities are segregated according to gender. Private residences provide a unique environment that is peaceful and secure for women to begin their recovery with full-time support and access to highly trained female staff. Being situated close to a natural environment can often be beneficial in itself, with plenty of walking paths nearby. Residential treatment programs are aimed at developing crucial coping skills, identifying individual strengths to increase personal motivation and self-confidence, and reaching a sustained state of abstinence from drugs and alcohol.

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