Relieving Pain and Stiffness in Your Legs With Cosmetic Vein Removal

by | Jul 24, 2019 | Health

Varicose veins can cause a variety of health issues. Along with being unsightly, these veins can also contribute to pain and limited mobility in your legs. You find it difficult to stand for long periods of time and also experience burning and throbbing in your legs when you try to sit and rest.

Rather than live with this painful vein condition, you can find fast and thorough relief by undergoing treatment designed to target troublesome varicose veins in this part of your body. By undergoing outpatient vein removal in Mt Prospect, you can experience long-lasting relief and resume activities that were once off limits to you.

Understanding the Procedure

Before you go through with professional vein removal in Mt Prospect, you want to know what this operation entails. You specifically want to know how much distress you will experience during the procedure and what your recovery will involve once you go home.

The procedure is done entirely on an outpatient basis for most people. You stand during the entire operation so the doctor can have better access to your veins. You will receive a topical and local anesthetic to numb any sensation you feel.

The doctor then injects a saline solution in your veins to force them to collapse. They disappear from within your legs in a matter of weeks after the operation.


You will recover from the procedure entirely at home. Your recovery will last around 10 days. You must wear surgical stockings to prevent blood clots and bleeding.

You can begin walking normally within 48 hours after the operation. You will be advised to avoid aspirin products that can cause blood thinning and bleeding.

If the vein removal procedure interests you, you can find out more about vein removal online. Contact Ashpole Plastic Surgery to make an appointment with a vein surgeon today.

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