Myths About Medical Marijuana

More people want to know how to get medical marijuana in Morris. However, some people are afraid to use medical marijuana because they believe myths about it. There are several medical marijuana myths that need to be debunked.

Myth: Medical Marijuana has not Been Studied

Fact: There is no truth to this myth. In fact, there are several peer-reviewed studies that have shown that medical marijuana is safe and effective. New research is coming out every day.

Myth: Medical Marijuana Causes Cancer

Fact: Research has actually proven the opposite. Medical marijuana actually has anticancer properties. It can treat this condition by starving cancerous cells. Cancer cells need oxygen and nutrients in order to survive. Medical marijuana can also stop the cancer from spreading to other parts of the body.

Myth: Medical Marijuana Causes People to Use Other Drugs

Fact: Medical marijuana is not a gateway drug. In fact, many people believe that medical marijuana can decrease opioid abuse. Medical marijuana can alleviate pain, so it may actually help prevent drug abuse.

Myth: Medical Marijuana Gets You High

Fact: Medical marijuana and recreational marijuana are not the same. THC is what gets you high. Medical marijuana may contain trace amounts of it, but it does not get you high. Recreational marijuana has much higher amounts of THC.

Myth: Medical Marijuana can Cure Anything

Fact: Medical marijuana has a number of potential health benefits. However, it is not a cure for everything. It is also important to note that there is a difference between managing symptoms and curing a disease.

Myth: Medical Marijuana Makes the Workplace Unsafe

Fact: Medical marijuana does not pose a threat to the workplace. People who use medical marijuana can still do their jobs without any problems.

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