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by | Sep 19, 2018 | Health

As people age, many things change, but leaving the comfort and security of one’s home does not have to be one of them. There are many elder care services available, all of which are designed to improve the quality of life for your loved ones, ensure their safety, and make their senior years in Elmhurst less of a chore.

The services that are provided are tailored to meet the specific needs of the elderly individual. It can be as simple as dropping in to see that everything is fine, engaging the person in conversation, or reading a book.

For the elder, in-home care can help ensure that they retain their independence, making their senior years more enjoyable. For the family members, it brings peace of mind.

What is Included in In-home Elder Care Services?

There are two different types of non-medical elder care. One is a live-in companion; the other is scheduled visits from caregivers. To determine which option is best, consider the senior’s daily activities as well as the level of care needed to ensure optimal quality of life. There are numerous factors to think about including nutrition, personal hygiene, transportation requirements, home cleanliness, social engagement, and more.

It can be difficult for an elderly individual to see their situation for what it is. There is a natural tendency for people to want to retain their independence and pride; they just don’t know when to call for help. In-home elder care is an ideal way for the elder to maintain their independence while at the same time, getting the help they need.

Home Care Aides

As opposed to home health aides, home care aides do not provide medical care. Home care aides assist with the senior’s daily activities that they can no longer provide for themselves. As well as household duties, they assist with bathing, dressing, meal preparation, transportation, assistance with home finances, and more. A professional home care aide fills in for a family member who must attend to other duties.

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