How to Know When a Move to Assisted Living is Needed

by | Jan 19, 2022 | Assisted Living

Assisted living facilities are a safe and affordable solution for those who are unable to maintain a family home, but are not ready to give up their independence. They also help to prevent the isolation many seniors face after children have moved away and neighborhood demographics change.

The hardest decision is when it is time to consider making the move to assisted living. Moving is never easy, and when that move is taking someone away from a home they have loved for years, possibly even decades, the decision is even more difficult. Here are the best ways to know if the time has come for you to find safer housing for your loved one.

Frequent Accidents

If you discover loved ones are sporting more bumps and bruises, or have had to receive medical attention more than once over the last couple of months, it may be unsafe for them to continue on their own. This is especially true if their home is multi-level or there are more than a couple of steps to get in or out of the house.

Unable to Maintain Home

While it is possible to hire housekeepers and someone to provide home health care, there is a point where it becomes more responsibility than a part time caregiver can provide. Seniors who regularly miss appointments, forget to take medications or have repeatedly left items on the stove are at risk every time they are alone. If the basic day-to-day tasks have become too draining or confusing for them to manage on their own, it is time to find another solution.


If you notice the personality of your loved one has changed, either through depression or aggression, dementia may be the cause. In its early stages dementia is manageable, but as the disease worsens, seniors are at risk of harming themselves and even wandering away. Assisted living Sebastian FL provide secure senior apartments for dementia patients where they can be carefully monitored and protected.

Assisted living in Sebastian FL allow people to remain social and active, often much more so than they were in their own homes. Regular activities are planned, healthy meals are provided and help with daily tasks is available. It can be the perfect solution for busy families who want the best for the parents or grandparents who spent so many years caring for them.

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