How 4D Technology Is Currently Being Used in Gynecology to Benefit Women

by | Jun 11, 2021 | Ultrasound Equipments

Ultrasound technology is at the heart of gynecology. A 4D ultrasound machine can show the baby in an accurate way and in real-time. This gives it an advantage over a 3D ultrasound machine. With 3D, only faint imagery can be produced as an output. However, with a 4D ultrasound machine, the images are represented in sepia. This means that the hands, the face, the feet, and the bone structure can be seen.

At the moment, 4D ultrasound technology is only used for pregnancy. It is not used to diagnose conditions in obstetrics. The only exception is if there is a visible issue with the limbs or the face.

If the idea is to diagnose possible complications, then 2D ultrasound may be used. The 4D ultrasound is great in prenatal diagnosis and is able to evaluate the entire baby. The mother is able to see in full vision what is going on with her baby. She is able to see and understand any prenatal diagnosis as these are done in 4D.

Some have questioned whether 4D ultrasound can impact the baby. The answer is that it is an innocuous technique that doesn’t create pain. It is safe for the mother and the baby. The baby doesn’t even receive theoretical heat created by the ultrasound. Modern ultrasound probes have been created so that they have no microwave effect on the fetus.

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