Four Things to Consider When Looking for Senior Living in Palo Alto, CA

Making the decision to find an assisted living facility for a loved one is very hard. Once the process starts, there will be an overwhelming amount of information, and it will seem impossible to narrow the list down from the many sites available. To make the decision easier, here is a list of four things to consider when looking for Senior Living in Palo Alto, CA, facilities.


When looking at different options, make sure the facility is one that other family members and friends can visit easily and often. It might also be a good idea to see if the facility allows family members and friends to stay overnight.

Feels Like Home

When it’s time for loved ones to make a move, it will be incredibly important for the new space to feel like home. This means they should like the decorations and have the same things they have at home. Simple things like adequate storage space and the view from their window will also make a big difference in their transition.

The People

Family members often only check on the friendliness of the staff, but the neighbors should also be checked on. Chatting with other residents to see what other common interests are will help to make the transition easier and less lonely. The current residents are also great resources for learning more about the staff and how attentive they are to the residents.

Available Amenities

Some facilities offer other services for residents to help them maintain some of their independence, like grocery shopping trips, access to computers and classes on how to use technology, spiritual services, and workout facilities. These activities may help residents feel more included in the community and also keep them active and happy. Check to see if there is an activity calendar available to ensure the residents are using their minds and engaging in hobbies they previously enjoyed.

There are many choices for Senior Living in Palo Alto, CA. This is not a decision that should be made quickly or lightly. Be sure to adequately research all options and ask plenty of questions. For other tips and resources, contact Moldaw Residences.

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