Five Reasons to Outsource Your Medical Coding Services

With the aging population of baby boomers, the healthcare industry will continue to grow in the decades to come. This means they’ll be more claims that are filed through hospitals, clinics and doctors’ offices. If you’re a physician or hospital administrator who needs to hire medical coders, here are some key advantages of outsourcing this function instead of hiring your own staff.

Knowledge and Expertise

Medical coding is a specialized field. Most reps who work for Medical Coding Outsourcing companies have an associate degree, with specialties in medical coding. They also must take and pass Certified Professional Coder exams to demonstrate their knowledge of coding. Furthermore, many companies that offer coding services have spent five and even 10 or more years in the industry, servicing thousands of clients.

Monetary Savings

When you outsource medical coding, you usually pay your company an hourly rate, contingency bonus or payment based on services rendered. This will cost you significantly less than hiring one or more coders and paying them full-time wages and benefits.

Enhance Accuracy

Medical coders provide codes for different types of medical services. And when you hire a Medical Coding Outsourcing firm, your coders know which codes to assign various claims. And because of the volume of claims your company files each month, you can prevent costly errors or mistakes that can delay claims by using experienced coders.

Frees Up Time

Finding qualified medical coders is outside the realm of most doctors’ job descriptions. And even if they have HR departments, their representatives aren’t necessarily qualified to recruit these types of professionals. Therefore, outsourcing your medical coding will enable you and your employees to get more done.

Many Helpful Services

Most Medical Coding Outsourcing agencies offer other helpful services for their clients, including billing services, patient scheduling, risk adjustment and HIM solutions. This means you don’t have to hire another company if you need these services.

For more information on Medical Coding Outsourcing, contact Gebbs Healthcare Solutions today!

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