Factors to Consider When Choosing a Miller for Wheat Berries in Ashkum, IL

A miller grinds grains, typically wheat, into flour. There are many considerations when milling wheat berries in Ashkum, IL. Some of those include size and specs, price, and customer service. A few factors to consider would be how much material is being processed at once or how the miller’s equipment is set up for efficient processing. With so many things to think about when searching for a professional miller in your area, choosing the best option for your needs can take time. This article breaks them down for easy decision-making.

Grain Size

How much grain of wheat berries is being processed at a time will determine the miller’s equipment. There are several options to choose from, depending on how many berry bins you have and your desired product. All mills have an inbuilt grinder with a movable jaw that can handle different grain sizes. Some mills have multiple grinders, and some use various grinding techniques.


The price of a mill is dependent on the machine, but in addition to this, shipping can be costly, and sometimes the mill has additional installation costs. If you order a large mill and decide you are uneasy with the installation process, consider having professionals install it. This could add on an additional cost, so it’s important to consider how often your material will change and how much grain will be involved when making your decision.

The most important things to think about when choosing your milling equipment are your desired outcome, how many products you want to make, and how often you plan on changing them. Janie’s Mill stores and grinds wheat berries into nutritious flavors and is praised by professional and home bakers. Visit JaniesMill.com for more information!

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