Care for Your Foot Pain in Jacksonville, FL

by | May 17, 2021 | Podiatrist

Many people do not realize how much they walk until they experience pain in that region. It is highly recommended to call a podiatrist, a doctor who diagnoses and manages disorders in the feet, ankles, and lower extremities, before the issue worsens. Before calling the foot doctor, try to locate the area of pain, whether it is in the heel, toes, or ball of the foot. Foot problems can be caused by overworked muscles, nerves, blood vessels, or ligaments.

Common causes of foot pain that originate in the heel are plantar fascilitis, heel spurs, a stone bruise or calcaneus. Plantar fascilitis is the term for an irritated plantar fascia which is the band of tissue that connects the heel to the toes. Besides feeling heel pain, people may also feel pain in their arches. Another example of foot pain in Jacksonville, FL, is heel spurs. These abnormal bone growths occur on the bottom of the heel bone and can be caused by inappropriate shoes, an abnormal gait, or abnormal posture. Stone bruises occur on the heel’s fat pad while calcaneus (fractured heel bones) are caused by strong impact to the heel.

Though it is useful to locate the source of pain, do not attempt to diagnose oneself based on this information. It is always best to make an appointment with a podiatrist regarding foot pain in Jacksonville, FL. If one simply ignores the pain and pops pain relief medication, the issue will most likely become much worse. When caring for foot pain in Jacksonville, FL, choose a podiatrist who truly cares about his or her patients and their well being.

Clinic like First Coast Foot Clinic help diagnose and treat people with foot pain in Jacksonville, FL, even if they do not have health insurance. Even though credit cards and debit cards are not accepted, this office provides flexible payment methods for insured and uninsured persons. Before scheduling or performing any duties that will help treat the condition, patients will always be informed of the costs involved before any procedures are started.

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