Beyond TLC: Memory Care for a Family Elderly Loved One in Fairfax, VA

by | Dec 18, 2023 | Assisted Living

You have been taking care of your elderly loved one for many years but have been noticing that they may need more than just the tender loving care you have been giving. They have been asking the same questions over and over and are forgetting common places in the home like the kitchen and bedrooms. What can you do to provide them with the support required to ensure their safety?

Seeking Medical Advice

The first course of action to consider taking next is to take your elderly beloved for an appointment with a medical professional. A medical expert will provide a proper diagnosis that may include conditions like age-related memory loss. The next step after obtaining a diagnosis might be to seek professional care to help your loved one live a higher quality of life.

Home Care or Memory Care Facility: Which is Best for Your Loved One?

The first thought that may come to mind when it comes to providing additional support is to utilize home health care services. While professionals can come to your home to help, they might not offer specialized memory care expertise. For this reason, your loved one should consider moving to the best memory care facility near Fairfax, VA that offers 24/7 support and amazing amenities to help them maintain independence.

Complete Senior Living Lifestyle

Perhaps your loved one has decided that moving to a memory care facility near Fairfax, VA will be beneficial and are searching for the best retirement community. Contact the friendly professionals at The Virginian. Residents in their community are provided with everything they need to live the best life possible with complete, world-class care services and amenities to support an independent, convenient, and comfortable lifestyle. Visit The Virginian, the premier memory care facility near Fairfax, VA today.

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