5 Ways to Quit Smoking

by | Oct 9, 2014 | Health

You’ve probably seen several advertisements about plans and networks that are designed to help you kick your nicotine habit. Unfortunately, you’ve also probably seen twice as many ads that endorse smoking in your lifetime. With enough patience and persistence, however, you can still ride out your cigarette cravings and commit to better self-care. It’s no easy feat, but you can do it if you have the willpower.

Ex-smokers attest to various ways that they’ve curbed tobacco use. While all of them may be effective in their own right, it’s important to know that what worked for one person may not necessarily be the correct route for you. It all depends on character, state of mind, trigger points, and surrounding conditions which is different for everyone. Take a look at several ways to quit smoking in order to determine what seems right for you.

Exploring 5 Ways to Quit Smoking

• Identify Your Main Trigger Points

Ever find that you’re in the same room or mental state when you light up? Or, maybe there’s a particular point in the day that drives you to indulge in nicotine. Most people have specific things that trigger their cravings, such as stress, monotony, or a need for stimulation. Make note of what turns you on to smoking in order to find ways to curb the habit.

• Stay Occupied

It’s best to keep busy during those times that you feel most vulnerable. Get involved with other things that pose as distractions. It might start off as momentary delays, but will eventually help you forget that you ever had a craving.

• Find Alternate Stress Management Activities

People handle stress differently. Unfortunately, the easiest outlets are usually the most self-destructive. Becoming engaged in alternative and productive activities, such as walking, aerobics, or even doodling, to reduce stress can eventually be more gratifying if you give it time.

• Change Your Social Scene

If you’re mostly a social smoker, you may have to make some changes, in terms of your hangout spots. Some people even go so far as to change who they interact with in order to stay away from influences that can be overwhelming. Whatever the case, do what seems to make sense in your world. If you know that grabbing a cocktail during happy hour at bar near your workplace will put you in the mood to smoke, it might be time to call it quits on these kinds of meet-ups and find other ways to socialize with friends.

• Get a Solid Support System

One of the most beneficial ways to quit smoking is to invest time with a strong network that will hold you accountable and remain consistently supportive through the process. While it’s good to have those who are going through the same thing in your corner, it’s also a great idea to rely on the skills, expertise, and efficient approaches of a qualified professional who has experience helping people become smoke-free.

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