4 Reasons to Choose Holistic Massage Schools in Arizona

by | Sep 15, 2014 | Health

Massage therapy has been around, in some form or other, since ancient times, but it seems it has never had it so good. While this is definitely good news for you, if you’re considering a career in this field, the downside to it is the mushrooming of schools purporting to provide fast training in massage therapy.

Are you tired of browsing through massage schools in Arizona, without a clue as to which can actually deliver on their promise of excellence? Here are 4 reasons to consider a holistic massage school.

1. Well-rounded training

Becoming an accomplished massage therapist is about much more than acquiring a body of theoretical knowledge and a range of practical skills. It requires you to become attuned to the complex ways the mind and body interact in order to alleviate your clients’ pain or stress, helping them find balance, harmony and healing. Only schools with a holistic approach to massage therapy can provide you with such insight, while nurturing compassion and inner peace, which are the hallmarks of the true healer.

2. Nurturing environment

If all you want is a basic, purely technical, training in massage therapy, you can find this in most schools, taught to varying degrees of competence. However, if you want your time in massage school to lay the foundation for a successful and fulfilling career, you will need to go deeper than that. You will need to integrate a wide range of techniques, as well as cultivate self-awareness, to be able to discover your strong points and find your “niche”. Holistic massage schools provide the kind of nurturing environment where this can occur, bringing out the best in their students.

3. Cultivating a state of mindfulness

Holistic massage schools encourage their students to cultivate mindfulness – a state of centered, deliberate, non-judgmental being in the present moment. By practicing mindfulness, you can become more attuned to your own body, as well as to the mind-body-spirit continuum, which is at the heart of holistic therapy. Furthermore, cultivating mindfulness has been shown to enhance intuition and creativity, as well as have a beneficial effect on the practitioner’s overall health and well-being.

4. Time-tested practices

Holistic massage schools in Arizona or anywhere else in the world offer comprehensive curricula, integrating Western medicine with ancient Eastern practices and alternative medicine systems, be it Ayurveda or traditional Chinese medicine, which have been perfected and have proved their worth over millennia.

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