3 Safety Tips to Consider When Using Topical Cream for Shingles

by | Dec 21, 2021 | Health

Thanks to the advances in medical development over the years, it is now possible for medical professionals to administer drug dosages through the skin. Topical medicines are able to be administered to the eyes, skin, and mucous membrane. Although this method of medication may be easier to consume than the typical capsule form, there are still safety tips you can use to ensure you’re using them in a way that guarantees your safety. Here are three tips to consider when using topical cream for shingles.

1. Keep Everything Clean and Sanitized

Always make sure that the affected area has been cleaned with soap. Preferably, it would be best to use unscented soap to ensure it leaves no residue behind of any kind. After that is done, the skin should be dry, and at that point, it should be safe to apply your topical cream for shingles. After the application, make sure to wash your hands to avoid transmission of the infection. Always consult a medical professional for exact directions to get the best results.

2. Be Aware of Open Skin

In most cases, you are not supposed to put anything on your skin if the skin is broken or open in any way. Unless your doctor or medication indicates that you should, don’t apply any creams or products on irritated or wounded skin. When your body’s tissues are open and exposed in that manner, you could cause more harm than you think by placing products in that area. If you’re looking to reduce irritation, you may be able to do so by applying the product gently rather than rubbing it in.

3. Pay Attention to Signs of Irritation

Once you start using a new topical cream or medication of any kind, pay attention to your skin and any reaction that it has afterward. If you experience irritation, let a medical professional know right away, as you may need to stop using the medication and seek out another prescription.

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