Mining Your Practice’s Existing Records for Critical Data

Technological breakthroughs have made their way across the medical technology. Instead of keeping paper records or records you can print off from your computer, your practice now has the option of storing virtual medical records in a cloud.

When you want to transform your medical records to keep up with the latest technology, you may need to invest in services that can mine the records for the appropriate data. You can get the records changed from paper or printed format format to virtual records by hiring the service of a medical chart abstraction company.

Depending on the type of data you want mined from your records, the medical chart abstraction company can typically complete this process in a matter of weeks if not days. If you were to delegate some of your staff specifically for this purpose, you could face running your medical practice on limited manpower for weeks and possibly months. People who are not experienced to handle this task typically take longer to complete it.

However, a professional abstraction company will set the parameters for transcribing and mining your records based on the information you want taken from them. It has the automation and computer technology to scan each record as it goes through the system and then store that information in a virtual cloud that is accessible only by your practice.

The provider can also work with you to determine what size cloud you need and how much storage will best accommodate your medical practice. If your practice is growing, you may need to invest in cloud services that will expand as you take on more patients. The new records you get from new patients can be added to the storage cloud along with those that have been transcribed and mined from the records of existing patients.

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