Four Great Ways to help People with Alzheimer’s

Having a family member with Alzheimer’s can be a very harrowing and stressful experience. But there are ways you can manage the symptoms, take control of this disease, and make life easier for you and your loved one.

Be calm and understanding.

It can be frustrating dealing with the daily struggles that this disease gives to people, especially if you feel like your repeating yourself over and over again. Still, you need to remember that it is also difficult for them as well. It’s important to stay calm patient with them.

Keep a daily routine.

People with Alzheimer’s tend to forget things easily and struggle with change, so keeping a routine will greatly help reduce confusion. It will also help speed up daily tasks once they get the hang of the schedule.

Try to limit how much sound and movement they are around.

Places that have a lot of sound and movement and can overwhelm a person with Alzheimer’s, so try not to take them out during rush hour or busy store hours. To avoid confusion and miscommunication, make sure they can hear you and keep the volume down on electronic devices whenever you are talking.

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