5 Things to Look for in a Pediatrician

Your child isn’t just a patient; he or she is a treasure to protect. How do you entrust your little one, or adolescent for that matter, in the arms of a stranger without doing your research first? Here are five things to look for in a pediatrician in San Diego with the skills, values and qualities you’re looking for.

Office Accessibility

When there’s an unexpected emergency, this becomes extremely important. Make sure your pediatrician’s office has a 24-hour emergency phone line you can call. You also need to know if you can book sick appointments for same-day treatment. Also, make sure the office you choose has staff who answer the phone right away and don’t leave you on hold for long periods of time.

100 Percent Supportive

Finding a pediatrician in San Diego who supports your choices makes life so much easier than one who doesn’t. For example, you wouldn’t want a pediatrician who thought formula was more efficient when you’re set on breastfeeding. Do you see the importance of respecting a mother’s decision? You’ll save time and stress in the long run when a pediatrician supports and respects your goals and perhaps is even in alignment with them.


All certified pediatricians in San Diego have been through medical school, but doctors who have obtained board certification have had an additional three years of residency. This gives them an extra level of training on the job.

Good Communicator

Choosing a pediatrician who has good rapport with you and your child is almost as important as choosing one with the best track record. You want a doctor who provides good communication and addresses all your needs. They answer your questions and concerns without you wondering what’s going on or what’s been left unanswered.

Great Listener

A great pediatrician in San Diego should be a listener, someone who listens to what children have to say and asks questions in different and at times creative ways. Kids can be inarticulate in expressing their problems and need someone patient enough to listen. Finding a pediatrician who is genuinely concerned about your child and listens to what he or she says benefits both you and your child.

If you’re looking for a pediatrician in San Diego, look no further. Children’s Physicians Medical Group in San Diego provides exclusive care just for kids from the best experts in the field.

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